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High Potency!! 14 mg of THC per elevated edible gum drop.

Elevated Gum Drops are a wholesaler’s jackpot, capitalizing on the CBD craze with versatile day-to-night appeal. The tempting array of flavors fosters repeat purchases, ensuring customer loyalty. This product aligns seamlessly with market trends, guaranteeing steady sales and catering to diverse consumer preferences.

$39.99 Profit Per Unit

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Where CBD potency meets delightful harmony.

Discover the transformative power of The Remedy Line by Sweet Sensi – a meticulously crafted collection of full-spectrum CBD products that seamlessly blend strain-specific hemp with carefully chosen herbs for both potency and exceptional flavor.

$39.99 Profit Per Unit

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Drift into rejuvenating sleep with our Snooze Drops.

Experience serenity with our Snooze Drops, featuring a harmonious blend of CBD and Melatonin to promote restful sleep. This carefully crafted combination gently guides you into a peaceful slumber, ensuring you wake up refreshed and rejuvenated.


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After seeing an amazing reception to our in-house made edible, topical, and pet CBD products, we now offer wholesale ordering options for approved sellers to give customers across the U.S. easy access to their favorite CBD products. Since 2016, we have cultivated a reputation for quality, environmentally conscious manufacturing that customers trust and recommend.

At Sweet Sensi, we believe in quality controlling every part of our process to guarantee our customers the best results. With a traditional model of business, we grow our own hemp, extract our quality CBD with our proprietary process, and manufacture our high-quality products in-house. Our facilities use state-of-the-art technology, but our philosophy always stays the same. We aim to offer customers the incredible benefits of high-quality, third-party-tested CBD products in a transparent and ethical business model.


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As a clean and environmentally conscious brand in Austin, Texas, we add no harmful chemicals to our hydroponically in-house-grown hemp. Our proprietary rosin extraction process is 100% natural and uses no solvents. Our innovative process retains the purity of the plant’s CBD and terpenes, ensuring the potency of our products. By choosing Sweet Sensi as your wholesale CBD partner, you benefit from:

  • Complete transparency
  • Farm-to-shelf traceable manufacturing
  • High-quality dosage-tested products
  • Seamless ordering processes
  • The highest standard of customer service
  • Excellent wholesale pricing options


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Greg Autry

Greg Autry has been cultivating and breeding Hemp for two and a half decades starting in the legal medical markets. Greg then founded Sweet Sensi in 2016 to bring his passion for making high-quality full-spectrum CBD products to his native home of Central Texas. Our Austin-based, state-of-the-art facility is where Greg and the team grow hemp indoors hydroponically, extract naturally with the unique Rosin Press and with it manufacture small-batch, artisanal CBD products that actually work. We control every step in the production process from farm to sale to ensure each product meets our uncompromising devotion to quality, consistency, and efficacy.


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Sweet Sensi CBD Oil Wholesale

Perhaps the most well-known and oldest CBD product, CBD oil remains popular among people still enjoying its benefits years after discovering it. Our CBD oil, in an edible or topical form, provides accurate dosing and many customers report feeling multiple benefits in their life from our CBD oil.

Delicious CBD Gummies in Wholesale

Gummies are a hugely popular formulation for customers who buy CBD. The mess-free, easily portable, and tasty properties of gummies often make them a first-choice option for both newbies and longtime fans of CBD. 

At Sweet Sensi, we perfected our gummies over years of testing. We have gummies available in both our CBD and CBD Elevated product lines.

Tasty CBD Edibles in Wholesale

We have a great selection of edible CBD products beyond our gummy formulations. People love choice, and many customers enjoy a mixture of edible products to suit their daily moods and activities. 

In addition to our CBD gummies for wholesale, we also offer:

  • Tinctures
  • Fruit Candy Chews
  • Honey
  • Chocolate bars

Full Spectrum CBD Oil Wholesale

As a producer of full-spectrum CBD oil through only natural extraction methods, our CBD oil contains all of the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids from the hemp plant. Such a clean extraction process maximizes the benefits of our CBD and puts us ahead of the pack.

Many CBD oils do not provide full spectrum benefits. Without the use of full-spectrum oil, many potential benefits can be lost to the customer from the hemp plant. At Sweet Sensi, our manufacturing process retains the full spectrum quality and benefits of our CBD oils.

Sweet Sensi is The Best Brand Where You Can Buy CBD Wholesale

The confidence that our farm-to-shelf process brings to our loyal customers is priceless. People love the transparency and traceable quality of our brand. Our wholesale customers enjoy peace of mind from our testing practices and excellent pricing for our high-quality products. 

Over the years, we have built respect and loyalty with customers, who are becoming more aware of the environmental effects of farming practices and the use of pesticides. Our eco-conscious customers are thrilled to find a CBD brand whose worldview matches their own. 

Customers across America associate our brand with high quality  and purity. As a brand, we truly walk the walk and ensure the best quality products by 

  • Using no solvents during extraction
  • Using no harmful chemicals or pesticides
  • Third-party testing for dosage 
  • Testing for heavy metals and pesticides
  • Using only natural oils and flavorings 
  • Using organic ingredients wherever possible
  • Extracting our own organic oils when we can

Sweet Sensi Wholesale CBD Dog Treats

Four-legged friends will never be left out at Sweet Sensi. Many people find our CBD pet care products, specially designed with pet dietary needs in mind, give their furry friends a variety of benefits. Formulated to be both tasty, effective, and healthy, we believe that pets should be able to enjoy the same benefits from CBD as we do.  

With only four organic ingredients, our CBD dog treats with banana and peanut butter are soothing and calming for pups all over the country. 

Our CBD pet tincture is also popular with pet owners who repeatedly tell us they soothe their furry best friends with our quality CBD products. We know that our animals suffer from ailments and stress like we do. At Sweet Sensi, bringing comfort to the pets of the world is a joy.

The Best Wholesale CBD Chocolate

Our CBD Elevated chocolate bars are organic, delicious, and cost-effective. With each containing ten servings per potent chocolate bar, one square is enough to feel the benefits of our CBD chocolate. Dedicated to making quality organic chocolate products that create an experience, we developed unique and tastebud-engaging flavors to deliver a joyful treat. Using only natural ingredients, we use no artificial flavors or sweeteners in our fine CBD chocolate products. 

Find these carefully crafted flavors in our current range:

Kush Mintz Crunch (Sativa)

A fresh and creamy chocolate treat with a zing of organic mint. Our Kush Mintz Crunch elevated chocolate is a Sativa based CBD chocolate bar that uplifts the spirits. The invigorating flavor of mint matches the vibe of this particular hemp plant. 

Red Chile OG (Indica)

A sensory delight, this rich, sweet, and spicy chocolate flavor ignites the taste buds, elevating the mind with our high-quality CBD and the uplifting effects of organic chile oil. The calm and relaxing effects of this indica-based plant aid the endorphins released when we enjoy spice on the tastebuds. 

Orange Creamsicle (hybrid)

A creamy and fruity delight, our hybrid-based CBD chocolate bar contains organic orange oil for a beautifully fresh and authentic flavor. 

This hybrid-based CBD treat brings the decadent vibe of orange groves to this silky milk chocolate experience. 

At Sweet Sensi, we craft each product with intense attention to detail, flavor, and quality to ensure we create CBD edibles and topicals that are a joy to consume.

The Perfect CBD Pain Relief Cream Wholesale

Our CBD Relief salve and Athletic rub are must-have items for every household. An ideal go-to for the skin and muscles, they are especially popular with sports enthusiasts and older generations suffering from aches from activity or natural aging. 

Customers love the natural relief from our CBD cream. Combining our high-quality CBD with the beautiful scents from organic essential oils, our salves have added effectiveness and offer an aromatherapy experience. 

We press the soothing organic arnica oil in our Relief Salve in-house to ensure we create the most effective product for the skin and muscles. Our oil-extracting processes allow us to keep control of so many more of our ingredients.

Wholesale CBD Candies Full of Flavor

CBD Candies provide the benefits of the best quality CBD along with a treat of sweet candy. We fill our candy products with natural flavors without using any artificial ingredients or sweeteners. Providing even and tested CBD potency, our candies are an extremely popular treat and come in an assortment of flavors. 

At Sweet Sensi, we are here to help you to offer your customers the very best in quality, tested, and sensory-focused CBD products. The loyalty from customers who love our ethical and authentic farm-to-shelf business model creates long-term relationships with our wholesalers that we cherish. 

Having recently reduced our prices due to refining our manufacturing techniques that lower costs, we work in partnership with our wholesale customers to ensure we are providing the best prices in line with our quality. 

To begin offering Sweet Sensi’s trusted CBD products to your customers, contact us for our wholesale pricing and information. 

We can’t wait to work with you and elevate your buying experience!


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